Video: COVID-19 Autopsy Pathology Findings

COVID-19 autopsy case: a clinicopathologic report and narrated review of lung, heart, and other autopsy pathology findings in a previously healthy woman, including discussion of discordant cardiac findings in this patient with clinical suspicion of viral myocarditis.

Video: TORCH Infections – An autopsy review of a premature fetus with an intrauterine Herpes Simplex Virus.

This case presents just one of many reasons why prenatal care is so important for prevention, detection, and treatment of devastating intrauterine infections. This video includes review of the microscopic appearance of the Herpes-infected brain and macroscopic findings of affected visceral organs.

Dorsal Root Ganglia

Dorsal root ganglia are located along the length of the spinal cord and are composed of clusters of large neuron cell bodies, each with a prominent nucleus and nucleolus, that belong to sensory nerves whose axons deliver sensory information to the spinal cord.

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