Giant Cell Glioblastoma and Granular Mitoses

Giant Cell Glioblastoma, also called magnocellular or monstrocellular glioblastoma, is characterized by atypical cells that are extremely large, especially when compared to the non-neoplastic inflammatory cells seen on the left side of the image.  The tumor has increased number of dividing cells, including typical mitotic figures (bottom left arrow) and atypical or granular mitoses (bottom... Continue Reading →

Multiple Sclerosis: Macrophages and Granular Mitosis in MS Plaques

Demyelinating lesions, such as those found in multiple sclerosis, typically contain numerous macrophages with abundant myelin debris filling the cytoplasm.  Additionally, atypical and granular mitoses can be seen in demyelinating lesions, though they can also occur in gliomas. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube:  Adventures in Neuropathology

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