Acute Traumatic Brain Injury – Hemorrhagic Infarction

Acute traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in a variety of hemorrhagic cerebral insults leading to brain death.  This photograph depicting a brain of a person involved in a motor vehicle accident, shows a large hemorrhage in the left temporal-occipital region that 1. involves the brain tissue proper (i.e. intraparenchymal hemorrhage), 2. extends beneath the arachnoid layer of... Continue Reading →


Spinal Hematoma Associated with Lumbar Puncture

Patients with neurologic dysfunction often require a lumbar puncture (LP) for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.  LP-associated complications are uncommon, but can include trauma to local tissues that may result in bleeding.  If vascular disruption occurs near or inside the thecal sac at the base of the spinal cord, then the resulting blood clot, or hematoma, can compress spinal nerve... Continue Reading →

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Life-sustaining blood is supplied to the brain by blood vessels, many of which run within the arachnoid layer covering the external surface before plunging into the deeper brain tissue.  If the vessels are disturbed, either by trauma, infection, or other insults, blood may exit the vessel and collect in the subarachnoid space in a process called subarachnoid... Continue Reading →

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