Brain Eating Amoeba

Naegleria fowleri, better known as "brain-eating amoeba", is a free-living amoeba that is a major cause of a rare brain infection called Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis, which typically affects young people with a history of swimming in warm fresh water such as a lake or stream. After entering the nose and crawling up the olfactory nerves... Continue Reading →

Fungal Encephalitis with Angioinvasion

Infection of the brain by fungal organisms, termed fungal encephalitis, is an uncommon, but deadly disease that tends to occur in persons with compromised immune systems or, as in this case, uncontrolled diabetes.¬†¬†Zygomycetes, a group of fungal organisms that includes Mucor and Rhizopus, has a particular proclivity to invade blood vessels (pictured here), which can... Continue Reading →

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