Dorsal Root Ganglion

The dorsal root ganglia consist of the cell bodies of sensory afferent neurons and are located along either side of the spinal cord. These unipolar neurons characteristically have large cell bodies, which are needed to support the very long axons that carry sensory information from the distal extremities to the cord. Normal ganglia (such as the one... Continue Reading →

Lewy Body

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disease associated with the presence of abnormal pink-purple inclusions, called Lewy bodies, which contain alpha-synuclein protein and are commonly found in pigmented neurons (shown here).

Dorsal Root Ganglia

Dorsal root ganglia are located along the length of the spinal cord and are composed of clusters of large neuron cell bodies, each with a prominent nucleus and nucleolus, that belong to sensory nerves whose axons deliver sensory information to the spinal cord.

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