Classic Imaging: Cyst with an Enhancing Mural Nodule

For many years the only mechanism for observing gross pathologic features of CNS neoplasms was to examine brains extracted after death.  However, advancements in imaging technology now allow providers to observe typical gross neuropathological findings in the brains of living patients.  Some brain tumors have characteristic MRI findings, an example of which is a cyst... Continue Reading →

Epidermoid Cyst

Epidermoid cysts (pictured here with surrounding brain tissue) are histologically characterized by a thin layer of squamous epithelium similar to the epidermal lining the skin.  However, unlike skin (which sheds its outer layer of dead cells into the environment), the keratin debris of the sloughed-off upper layer of the epidermoid cyst build up within the cyst center resulting in... Continue Reading →

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