Video: Board Prep – Familial Tumor Syndrome, Mystery Cases #4 and #5

Mystery case reviews #4 and #5 are two of a series of videos designed to review the variety of brain tumors that arise in the context of a familial tumor syndromes.

Test your knowledge with questions posed to the audience in a quiz like format. In-depth answers are provided for each quiz question. This series is perfect for anyone wishing to test their knowledge in neuropathology or learn new neuropathology knowledge in a question-answer format, great for study and exam-prep!


New Book: “Surgical Pathology Review”, Dr. Dan Mais.

‘Central Nervous System Disorders’ chapter authored Dr. Andrea Gilbert… ​

Book description:

“Surgical Pathology Review fills a gap in the currently available texts, on one side of which are the massive multivolume texts that are primarily concerned with the practical aspects of histopathologic diagnosis and on the other a few standard texts that are concerned primarily with the conceptual fundamentals of pathology. This text smooths over the inevitable gaps in knowledge that, when filled, round the pathologist out into a fully developed diagnostician and prepare them for the successful completion of certification examinations. Organized by organ system and specific lesions found, the focus of the text is nonmorphologic, hard-to-remember facts associated with each lesion—a catalogue of associations considered requisite knowledge for the fully trained pathologist. The prototypical morphologic features of each lesion are briefly described, with accompanying high-quality images of the uncommonly encountered ones. Details relevant to surgical pathology and cytopathology are reviewed.”


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